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Letter’s to the Editor.

Hello All,

Here are a couple of letters I have sent to local Prince Edward County newspapers this Week. There were a few minor variations between each letter!


Dear Editor

I attended the lively Wind Energy information meeting on Wednesday 20th August kindly hosted by Mayor Finnegan which he said will be the first of many. Can I use this well read newspaper to thank “Jim Vanden Hoek,”the Mayor of Frontenac Islands (including Wolfe Island) for painting such a contrasting picture between there and the successful agricultural and creative rural economy of PEC. Also thankyou for showing us the misty aerial pictures that made Wolfe Island look a somewhat bleak, desolate and baron place. I came away with the distinct impression that Hoek gave his support for enormous 2.3 MW wind-turbines because his local economy had nothing left, that the 8 jobs for the community the project would bring would not be at the risk of anything else – that for the 3000 or so summer residents it was just tough luck if they were affected. I cannot recall Hoek making any mention of Green intention or conscious.

I also note with interest that Mayor Hoek said that about 80 people signed up for land options with wind energy companies.  However he told the large audience of a public information session that only 50 of those options were taken in the final plan. The energy companies making these proposals know that the offer of financial reward often buys support for projects, especially as those living within a wind farm will be most at risk from any negative effects the 400′ windmills are alleged to produce, sleep disturbances,  loss of property value and depending on set backs the municipality will decide, the risk of death or injury due to dangers such as structural failure or ice being thrown onto their  land from neighbouring wind turbines. I wonder how the 30 landowners and their families of Wolfe Island now feel that no reward is coming to them, while their neighbours will have extra money to invest in their business’s, perhaps cover the lease on a new truck or tractor,  or maybe enjoy a long, well earned holiday – not all the money from leases will come back into the local community!!

Steven Draper



and a second letter sent just to  The County Gazzette



Dear Editor

As usual I enjoyed the contribution to your news paper by Terry Sprague. I share completely his concerns about wind energy windmills and the effect on birds. I asked the council planners about lighting and as yet they don’t know. But It isn’t just flying into Wind Turbines, or the wake that kills birds, it’s the loss of the all the land around turbines, the loss of trees, fields, hedgerows etc. These greatly reduced the ability of our rural environment to support the wildlife we share it with, and the benefits they provide.

Other things fly into wind turbines too. There have been two reported fatal air crashes involving either a wind turbine or an unlit anemometer. We have two active airfields on PEC, and a couple of others close by.  One is involved with the training of military personal in order to provide peacekeeping support wherever is needed in the World, and the other is a used for private flying. Both are very busy during the gliding season. As a former commercial airline captain, both are exceptionally vulnerable to obstacle rich environments, and potential turbine wake that would normally warrant airspace protection from too many tall, dynamic obstacles. Helicopter pilots who might need to come here to airlift someone from a rural farm to hospital due to snow or illness also have restrictions in operating close too Wind Turbines that could prevent a successful medivac.

Steven Draper


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