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Prince “Turbine” County!


Thankyou for dropping into my info blog.

As an Airline pilot, my professional life was spent continually challenging what I thought I was seeing, because sometimes what you think you see isn’t what you actually do. 

When getting it wrong may kill you and large numbers of others, looking very carefully at the information you are receiving becomes a skill that I’m glad has overflowed into my everyday life and non flying situations.

I’m now retired and enjoying other passions, my family, and my small organic farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario. I’m also a keen photographer and artist, my mind looking for the hidden rhythms, harmonies and messages that exist all around.

Sometimes, although I may not have all the answers I see too many contradictions. The rush to develop Prince Edward County with large wind turbines is one of these situations.

I’m not about trying to argue for wind power or against, you see in my opinion that really isn’t the right debate. But I’m concerned and hopefully I show you some different answers to the ones your currently being shown. I’m a quiet guy by nature, but I’m going to stand up and make a noise in order to help protect the peace.

Steven Aug 08



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