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More Noise papers

Here are three interesting links to “late night reads” with reference to noise and windfarms. (the UK on land report cover all aspects) They are UK Government study / policy group papers. 

  • Onshore Wind Noise  UK BERR Interesting to see UK states 200 – 300 m for a 100-106db head to be 45-50db spot. No mention of 25db rural levels, Explanation of noise, low info describing type of type of noise from wind turbines.
  • UK Windfarm Noise Assessment Study 1996  UK BERR – a lengthy and in-depth study in 1996 that still appears to be a primary document on noise source.
  • UK On Land Report UK wind Energy Review Nov 2005 Government report covering all aspects of wind turbines, including noise. Interesting to once again see different figures for the 4db point. 20 – 40db mentioned for Rural. Interesting notes on Visual settings.

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Politician says Windfarm “Devastating to House Prices”

from the UK and reported on the BBC News website, 08/08/01

North Shropshire MP, Owen Patterson said proposals for seven 344′ turbines would be “Devastating to House Prices.”

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Court rules Reduction to Property values due to Wind Farm

Two hot news items have occurred in the UK that add real interest to the effect of wind turbines on the enjoyment of your home life and the value of your home.

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Another UK MP speaks out against Windfarms

In an Newspaper article by Craig Robertson, Dumries Standard Friday 08/07/25

Tory MP David Mundell speaks out about Scotish Governments decision on Europes largest (152) turbine windfarm, “claiming it will scar and overwhelm the local landscape”

Dumfries and Galloway Council also objected to a “windfarm dominated landscape”

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