The Complete Picture

Prince “Turbine” County!

The Rules “Green – Greed – ???”

Many thanks for checking out the rules!!

  • Anyone can enter provided it is legal in their territory to do so.
  • Ideally please only enter once.
  • Any messages that appear as spam will not count.
  • The prize for guessing the correct title of the image is $100 Canadian. If required I will convert to the winners currency and send you a check for an equivalent amount. I’ll even pay the fees and commission!
  • A bonus prize for whatever link provides most traffic to the competition may also be offered.
  • The winner will be a name taken from random from comments or e-mails that correctly work out the pictures name.
  • The competition will close at 6pm UTC on 10th September 2008.
  • The results will be posted on this website and the winner will have 14 days to contact me. 
  • My decision on all matters regarding the competition is final, and I reserve the right to amend rules if required.
  • Any contact information received as part of the competition that isn’t displayed in the comments box I regard as private will not pass the details onto any third party. 
Many thanks.

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