The Complete Picture

Prince “Turbine” County!


Like many people I have many questions regarding industrial wind turbines. Some are general, some are specific to Prince Edward County. I’ve tried to list them within fairly broad subject headers, but many cross overs do exist and not all will be cross referenced so please have a hunt around! Please also use the Categories drop down in the margin to search. I’ll have certainly missed off many so please educate me with any I have yet to address. These links will take you to pages listing my questions and my conclusions – as and when answers are provided by various sources.

Most questions and thoughts reflect my initial research, I’ll go through and add the sources when I have a little more time!!

PEC Must Read Documents and Links

General Topics.
  • Aviation – Obstacle locations, Collisions, Wake Turbulence, Medivac Helicopters
  • Birds & Bats
  • Community
  • Construction
  • Decommissioning
  • Decision Making
  • Farms– Protecting the Farmer and animal yields. (Council and Energy Company Questions)
  • Generation Efficiency
  • Green or Greed
  • Grid Issues
  • Ice & Snow
  • Insects
  • Landscape
  • Lightning
  • Noise
  • Other Projects
  • Political
  • Property Values 
    • Disclosure  – Answer – Personal experience and thoughts.
  • Radar (Trenton)
  • Set Back Distances
  • Size and Scale
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism and Culture
  • Tranquility – part of the desirability formula – see also By-Law 900-2002 essay
  • Trees and Wetlands
  • Visual Issues
  • Water Supply


Please Note the Following

  • All answers provide an honest attempt by myself – Steven Draper – to understand the global, national and local issues surrounding industrial wind turbines. While I do hope they open the your eyes and minds to issues over which I have concern, I take no responsibility for decisions that you or other parties make on the basis of my information I provide. Please do your own evaluation of research – or do your own, draw your own conclusions, take ownership of your personal decisions regarding the subject
  • As further information becomes available answers may change to reflect the nature of this information. Information may be changed, amended or deleted at any time.
  • If you have further information that you would like me to read please let me know via comments or email.
  • Where links are given I cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites. Please let me know of any bad links or unexpected third party content!
  • Most pages provide opportunity to leave your own comments, please do so and feel free to ask further questions of me. If my answers are thin, I’d like to review and strengthen them.

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