The Complete Picture

Prince “Turbine” County!

Colour Codes

In order to help review the answers I am going to try and colour code answers as follows: In some cases I’ll write more in depth articles and these can be seen as essays, reports or other articles

  • Questions – Things I want to know.
  • Responses from energy companies – either direct responses or from public information such as web-sites are used.
  • Responses from local council or other government sources. – from local council, government or government reports are used.
  • Responses / Quotes from other sources – Doctors – Scientists etc. – when non energy or government commissioned-reports or studies are refereed to.
  • Sources such as news articles– when references are made to news items.
  • Feeling the vibes – Sometimes life should not need reports, statistics or legal rulings – an application of Intuition and living in harmony should provide good enough answers. Beware the shield of hindsight – I may have a crystal ball!!!


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