The Complete Picture

Prince “Turbine” County!

Beware the Shield of Hindsight – I may have a crystal ball

In this essay I provide an overview of my concerns and why I feel it is important to raise my concerns.


I believe in a future of clean, renewable and efficiently used energy.

Whether large scale Wind Generated Energy will ultimately play a part in Canada is debatable and ultimately not my decision, although I know I may well play a part.  But I do know from my life in Europe that vast areas of land are required in comparison to conventional electrical generation, and the wind turbines are so huge that they really change the characteristics of the landscape which is fairly controversial.  I know that some days the wind blows and some days it doesn’t. Wind Power will never be able to provide more than a small amount of a nations power without the back up of other sources.

On the surface large scale Wind Generated Energy appears to provide an opportunity while other solutions are developed. But at the same time such focus on this part of the small part of the jigsaw only deflects from the real questions – How do we use what we have more efficiently? What do we do about ensuring the generation of our core energy needs in the future?

Whether or not you believe that these large wind energy companies and green-ish government policies play on our natural fears of global warming to mask the complete picture, shield the true debate or influence our opinions in order to limit our resistance to near-by wind farm plans is an individual one, but with so many now being proposed, a potentially costly one.

“giant green hero or fat greedy zero?”

What ultimately influences the public opinion of industrial wind power – whether we see the concept as a giant green hero or a fat greedy zero  – isn’t the science, nor the claims of greener a future; not even little girls with sunbeam smiles. It’s simply how we experience wind power. And if people, ordinary people like you and me have their trust broken because the claims made up front don’t seem to materialise, or issues that were conveniently not mentioned or not listened to properly result in painful social, economic and environmental problems, serious damage is done.

Damage that not only extends to our trust of civic leaders and planning systems, energy companies and government, but, and this is really important if like me you do care about the future, damage that will seriously affect the way we embrace the next generation of renewable energy projects – the ones that really will have to meet the all of the challenges to save our future.

Knowing this, you’d think energy companies would behave responsibly and ensure that the real issues of Noise, Flicker, Health, Environment, Property devaluation to mention but a few would be taken into account. 

“Make Hay while the Sun Shines”

and there are few better examples than Windrush, the mad scramble for land, planning permission and lucrative wind energy contracts with their generous tax write off’s, government grants and guaranteed energy prices. It’s probably happening in a field near you.

It’s not surprising that we end up with a greedy free for all, where the goal is getting your foot in as many doors before the credit source funding you runs out, or the public puff of positive opinion turns into angry storm of protest. In Denmark, France and Germany this had already happened and off shore wind is now the goal. And in the UK, it looks like a backlash is on the cards very soon too.

In Canada our exposure to wind energy has generally been positive, off grid farms, eco houses and small projects. Our opinion still smiles, and correctly managed wind could play a part. We could show the world how to harness the wind!

But if decisions are made poorly, the people that claimed to be bringing us the dream of clean, will motor of in their “mega dollar yachts” while wind energy runs aground in the dull drums. But for those living near the ill conceived, badly planned and rushed projects that were motivated by less than honest intentions, the nightmare will drone on, and on, and on.



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