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Prince “Turbine” County!

Effects on Tranquility – a key to desirability


It would be true to say that much of Prince Edward County, as well as many other rural areas, could be described as “Tranquil.” Protecting tranquility is a very important factor in maintain desirability in rural areas that derive revenue from tourists, or from attracting residents from “out of area.”

Already, but even more so in the future I believe, “tranquility” will be seen as a sellable resource in the form of recreation, tourism, eco-tourism, artistic tourism and health tourism. Well managed, these high end, niche markets will have a great benefit on local economies to areas that protect “tranquility.”

I have included excerpts the description of Tranquillity from wikipedia.

“For many, the chance to experience tranquillity is what makes the countryside different from cities. In a survey by the United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) 58% of people said that tranquillity was the most positive feature of the countryside. Just as great art, design, and traditions allow us to enjoy our identity, so tranquillity allows us to see, hear, and feel the spectacular beauty of the natural world.”

“According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) mental illness such as depression is likely to be the primary cause of ill health by 2020.”

“Being in a tranquil place allows people to relax, to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life and to “recharge their batteries”.

“mounting evidence which shows that exposure to nature can contribute to physical and psychological wellbeing. A review of over 100 studies into stress among 16-21 year-olds showed visiting natural environments to experience tranquillity and solitude is an important stress-reliever. Other studies have found that exposure to nature helps people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.”\

“and a recent survey showed that tranquillity is the main reason why 49% of visitors go are attracted to the countryside”

Examples of stimuli having positive impacts on tranquillity

  • a natural landscape, including woodland
  • presence of rivers, streams, lakes or the sea
  • birds and other wildlife
  • wide open spaces

Examples of stimuli having negative impacts on tranquillity



Being twice the height of any tree or current structure in rural Prince Edward County, industrial wind turbines will be impossible to hide. And the requirement for set backs from roads, wetland, boundaries and homes it will be very difficult to arrange wind-turbines in recommended patterns. With dynamic actions, industrial wind-turbines have been described  as “monsters” or “creating a restless and uneasy landscape.” At tranquility is a key factor in maintaining the desirability of a largely unspoilt region like Prince Edward County, please comment on how you believe “Tranquility” can be maintained in an environment of industrial wind-turbines?


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